Automotive-Grade Eye Tracking With ‘Cube Eye’ 3D Based ToF cameras

The head and eye tracking industry has oscillated between hardware-based solutions that are too expensive and unreliable integrated webcam-based solutions. This double-edged sword also applies to the availability of head and eye tracking enabled automotive-grade solutions.

Eyeware GazeSense software for webcams and 3D depth-sensing cameras attacks this problem head-on with an automotive industry-leading solution. The plug-and-play head and eye tracking software for 3D depth sensors support the Meere Company ToF (time-of-flight) ‘Cube Eye’ camera lineup.

Dms For Eye Tracking

Eye Tracking Enabled 3D-based ToF (Time-Of-Flight) Camera

Automotive companies and heads-up display manufacturers will find accurate real-time gaze coding with Eyeware GazeSense software powering the ‘Cube Eye’ ToF cameras.

The ToF cameras use Eyeware GazeSense’s proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine learning technology for tracking the head pose and eye gaze in 3D. The patent-pending technology enables labeling objects of interest in the open space, and track attention towards them in real-time.

First introduced by the Meere Company at CES 2022, the new ‘Cube Eye’ ToF cameras join a growing list of off-the-shelf depth-sensing cameras supported by Eyeware GazeSense, which already includes the Intel® RealSense™ D415, Orbbec Astra Embedded S, and Vzense DCAM710.

Automotive and head-up display manufacturers will appreciate that the 3D ToF ‘Cube Eye’ cameras are smaller than most 3D depth cameras currently available. The smaller camera size does not prevent it from supporting its high precision and high-resolution imaging. Together with Eyeware GazeSense software, the eye-tracking enabled camera becomes the top solution for use with driver monitoring systems seeking automotive-grade 3D time-of-flight (ToF) sensors.

Wide-ranging Automotive Use Cases With Eye Tracking

Innovation in automotive safety and infotainment is more accessible to OEMs, suppliers, and automotive startups seeking an off-the-shelf solution. The wearables-free, depth-sensing ToF camera does not require additional calibration. Eyeware GazeSense and ‘Cube Eye’ are ideal partners, both independently known for creating accessible products with convenient installation processes. 

Users can start streaming live attention data after positioning the ‘Cube Eye’ camera and selecting 3D objects in GazeSense with reference to the camera. Users will access data output in real-time through the Eyeware GazeSense API and may transfer the eye tracking data via MIPI, USB, and ethernet interface. 

As an added benefit, the ‘Cube Eye’ camera’s proprietary ASIC chip lowers distance errors, reduces power consumption, and heat generation with its proprietary distance calculation algorithm. With Eyeware GazeSense, the camera will detect the 3D depth of objects with sub-millimeter precision using eye tracking enabled by Eyeware GazeSense software.

시선 추적 소프트웨어 운전

Build A State-Of-The-Art Driver Monitoring System (DMS)

Eye tracking, the central technology behind driver monitoring systems, is key to ensuring drivers pay attention to the road, remain alert, and stay awake. Eyeware GazeSense software’s plug-and-play eye tracking uses a strategically placed ‘Cube Eye’ depth-sensing camera. The setup lets automotive companies and heads-up display manufacturers build modern driver monitoring systems (DMS). 

The 2022 ‘Cube Eye’ depth-sensing ToF camera lineup is ideal for creating a real-time driving monitoring system (DMS). It can detect driver exhaustion and distraction using Eyeware GazeSense machine vision algorithms. The camera’s convenient system integration is available as a module without housing OEM solutions. 

Eyeware GazeSense can also be used to prevent accidents. Companies will use the ToF camera to monitor drowsiness and driver fatigue with eye gaze, head pose, and blink detection. Using the software and camera together may result in a next-generation ADAS warning system based on “eyes on the road” and “eyes off the road” tracking. 

The S.Cube ToF camera module is a good candidate for the automotive after-sales fleet driver monitoring market, especially for applications that operate under conditions with low to no light. Designing an automatic driver identification system for unlocking a car with secure 3D facial recognition is one possible solution. Building an augmented reality-assisted dashboard that reduces clutter for safer driving is another possibility. 

Compatibility With The ‘Cube Eye’ Camera Lineup.

These technical achievements are encouraging for automotive companies, heads-up display manufacturers, and relevant fields. The ToF ‘Cube Eye’ cameras used with Eyeware GazeSense may promote innovation for the following areas.

  • AGV guidance and navigation systems
  • Logistic box measuring
  • Automatic industrial visual inspection systems
  • Sports simulators
  • Head-mounted display (HMD)
  • Virtual simulation
  • Augmented reality 
  • Artificial robotic eyes
  • Autonomous robots
  • Location recognition
  • Environment recognition
  • Space 3D scanning and mapping
  • 3D scanners

Choosing the right automotive-grade plug-and-play solution is a true challenge for OEMs, their suppliers, and automotive startups. It is no surprise to anyone in the automotive industry that new regulations and safety standards force innovation and ramp up the competition

Eyeware GazeSense and Meere Company’s collaboration is a unique resource to solve the challenges for the next generation of passenger and driver monitoring systems.

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