Eyeware advances natural connections between people and their devices using software-only head and eye-tracking technology.

Eyeware is an emerging deep tech provider of head and eye tracking solutions for webcams and 3D cameras. Incorporated in September 2016 in Switzerland, Eyeware began as a research spin-off from EPFL and Idiap Research Institute. Eyeware develops head and eye tracking solutions for computers, smartphones, tablets, cars, simulators, and more.


The founding team combines experts in machine perception and professionals with business and entrepreneurial profiles. We share the same vision to enable devices and machines to understand attention and interact naturally with head and eye tracking.

Kenneth Funes CEO of Eyeware

Kenneth Funes


Kenneth obtained his PhD in Electrical Engineering at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) in 2015, while being a research assistant at the Idiap Research Institute in Switzerland. During his PhD he developed techniques for 3D eye-gaze estimation using consumer RGB-D sensors. He is the author/co-author of 10 papers in international journals and conferences and multiple filed patents. He has won various awards and competitions in both academic and entrepreneurial settings. At Eyeware he holds the role of CEO/CTO, managing the team, strategy, technology and shaping Eyeware’s ambitious vision.

Serban Mogos COO of Eyeware

Serban Mogos


Serban is currently responsible for strategy, fundraising, and product management at Eyeware, a Swiss high-tech startup that develops 3D eye tracking software with multi-industry applications ranging from robotics to advertising. As a social entrepreneur in Romania, Serban founded Akcees, an NGO that implemented entrepreneurship education projects for a community of more than 5000 students. His academic background includes a PhD in Strategy & Entrepreneurship from Carnegie Mellon University, an Erasmus Mundus MSc in IT Management, and a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Sheffield.

Bastjan Prenaj CBDO of Eyeware

Bastjan Prenaj


Bastjan obtained his MSc in Electrical Engineering and IT at ETH Zurich and joined the founding team with 5 years of corporate and 3 years of digital startup work experience. Prior to Eyeware, he served as the technical project manager of the groundbreaking ABB TOSA electric city bus system built from scratch in less than 22 months and under the $5MUSD budget, for which he went on providing sales consultations globally as a business development manager.

Jean-Marc Odobez scientific advisor of Eyeware

Jean-Marc Odobez

Scientific Adviser

EPFL senior researcher and head of the Perception and Activity Understanding team at Idiap Research Institute. He has been working on computer vision and applied machine learning for human behavior understanding for over 20 years. As a researcher expert in the field, Jean-Marc will ensure the constant innovation within Eyeware, by investigating on relevant problems and establishing collaborations with academic entities.


The proprietary computer vision algorithms and machine perception AI technology significantly improve mainstream adoption of head and eye tracking technology. Past iterations involved hardware-based solutions that are too expensive for widespread adoption, or integrated webcam-based solutions that are not reliable.

Our platform-independent human perception AI for webcams and 3D cameras bypass the need for specialized hardware. Eyeware provides a path for companies to integrate reliable and cost-effective head and eye tracking technology into consumer applications.


2016 – Incorporates in Martigny, Valais, Switzerland
2016 – Graduates from MassChallenge Switzerland
2017 – Wins the Arkathon Hacking Health program competition
2018 – Releases the GazeSense app with API to enable use cases in the automotive, training simulators, academic research and shopper research markets
2019 – Raises $2M Seed round in January from top Swiss and German investors
2019 – Participates in the K-Startup Grand Challenge accelerator and mentoring program developed by the South Korean government
2019 – Participates in the Business Development Camp program developed by the Business Development Center of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government
2019 – Releases the GazeSense ROS plugin and enables robotics researchers and developers to measure attention towards objects in ROS
2020 – Eyeware and Melexis collaborate on 3D ToF sensor-based eye-tracking solutions for driver monitoring systems
2020 – Eyeware and Orbbec partner to enable 3D eye tracking with consumer cameras
2020 – Ranks #17 startup in Switzerland, #3 in Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
2020 – Wins the 100 Wolves pitching contest
2020 – Joins the Plug and Play Japan Winter/Spring 2021 Batch Accelerator Program
2021  – Eyeware and AMS build a new driver drowsiness detection system with 3D sensing capabilities
2021 – Releases the free in beta Eyeware Beam Head & Eye Tracker app, their first consumer application using proprietary head and eye tracking technology
2021 – Releases the Beam SDK and enables developers to build their own eye tracking-enabled PC solutions
2022 – Announces Collaboration with AMD to Power New PC Privacy Application With Head and Eye Tracking
2023 – Releases the Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition – First-of-its-kind AI-powered webcam eye tracker software for gamers and streamers


The Eyeware team is grateful to be supported in its journey by top class high-tech investors.



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