Eyeware & AMS: a brand new DMS with 3D sensing capabilities

We are happy to announce our collaboration with the Austrian sensor specialist ams AG in the vehicle tech sector. The jointly developed solution addresses driver drowsiness for safer cars and eye tracking integration for more natural in-cabin HMI applications.

The driver monitoring system demonstrator leverages Eyeware’s eye tracking technology and the ams Active Stereo Vision evaluation kit, allowing groundbreaking visual applications in the car, such as next-generation augmented reality heads-up displays (AR HUDs).

Our co-founder and chief business development officer, Bastjan Prenaj, said: “Driver condition monitoring is expected to make an important contribution to improving road safety. This determines that the systems and components used in DMSs must be extremely reliable“.

The main key advantage of our software is that when combined with ams’ 3D sensing technology, Eyeware’s GazeSense software can work under all lighting & usage conditions and provide accurate data. Based on this data, OEMs can build applications such as fatigue alarms. 

Read the full press release here: https://ams.com/en/-/eyeware-3d-sensing-eye-tracking