3D Eye Tracking

Eyeware offers solutions for using eye tracking information in real-world interactions, by capturing user attention, intention, and interest. Using patent-pending computer vision algorithms, Eyeware increases human-machine engagement.



 Accurate gaze tracking can indicate if and where the user is paying attention, and use the information to improve context awareness



Smart devices can predict the intention of the user and preemptively offer assistance



By understanding interest, social machines can actively interact with users and deliver only the information relevant to the current activity



By receiving context-driven dynamic feedback, users become engaged with the social machine

Works with Consumer Hardware

Eyeware technology uses consumer devices like Intel Realsense, Orbbec Astra, or Microsoft Kinect to estimate gaze direction. It can also work with stereoscopic cameras or custom sensors.

Eyeware enables smart machines to understand human attention

Advantages of Eyeware Technology

Our novel technical approach enables a unique set of features. Eyeware solves the problem of eye tracking in dynamic, unconstrained, real-world scenarios.

No Glasses

Detecting gaze direction without any glasses or facial markers, which can be used for sensing-only, or for device control

Wide Tracking Range

We eliminate restrictions on the user being fixed in a limited tracking box in front of the camera, with up to 10x wider area


Our technology is able to recognize and track multiple people in the same frame.

We enable New Applications

The unique advantages of Eyeware eye tracking can power the next generation of human-machine interaction in social robotics, automotive, smart home, social studies, healthcare, gaming, industrial automation, and advertising.

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    Assistive software for people with limited hand mobility

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     Attention tracking and user engagement for social and service robots

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    View tracking and audience analytics for digital posters

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    Driver monitoring and assistance, combined with in-car AI for self-driving cars

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    Social studies

    Automatic detection of human-human interactions and social cues

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    Dynamic interfaces, foveated rendering, and gaze-based in-game control

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    Smart home

    Context-aware smart appliances with gaze sensing and gaze control

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    Industry 4.0

    Industrial automation with intuitive machine control

Recognized with International Awards

The potential of Eyeware technology has been recognized with multiple awards, prizes, and business competitions.

Eye Tracking for your Products

Our technology can be easily adapted and integrated in a large variety of applications. Contact us to start building exciting applications together!

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