Eyeware in top 3 at SwissTech Pitchinar 2020

20 top Swiss startups took the virtual stage in Asia!


Serban Mogos, our Co-founder & COO was invited to pitch at SwissTech Pitchinar 2020 in June, and Eyeware was selected among the four finalists.

SwissTech pitching competition spotlighted  20 Swiss deep tech startups and their ground-breaking tech in Advanced Instrument, AI, AR/VR, Biotech, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Energy, Fintech, HealthTech, IoT, Robotics, Software and VehicleTech with 90-second pitches.


First place startup, we had MITHRAS TECHNOLOGY represented by Franco Membrini, followed by the finalists: EYEWARE, STOR-H TECHNOLOGIES and SWISS TERAHERZ. The virtual event was moderated by Jordi Montserrat, Co-founder and Managing Director of Venturelab, an organization that supports top Swiss startups in their global expansion.

“Technologies and innovations are making a difference in improving and enhancing our lives, and countries like Switzerland are leading the way. Switzerland was recognized by the Consumer Technology Association as an Innovation Champion, which is our highest honor”, said Gary Shapiro.


swisstech pitchinar


SwissTech Pitchinar 2020 was organized by swissnex China in collaboration with SwissTech, CES ASIA and Venture Leaders, and in partnership with EPFL, ETH Zurich, Greater Zurich Area, Innovaud, Swisscom and Venturelab. The SwissTech Campaign partners are Presence Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and swissnex Network.

Eyeware - Winner of the 100 Wolves pitching contest

Eyeware’s Co-founder & COO, Serban Mogos, had the chance to pitch at the 100 Wolves Pitching Contest June 2020 hosted by Wolves Summit and successfully won this edition! The main prize is the opportunity to pitch directly in front of AI Startup Incubator's investment board committee, with a chance to get €50k funding.

Eyeware is the winner - Wolves Pitching Contest 2020

The Wolves Summit experience

In each edition, 100 startups are chosen to present their ideas, having the opportunity to increase the company's reach, and even acquire new business partners, as well as valuable feedback and connections with investors. This startup contest is currently held online.

In their words: “Wolves Summit is not only a conference for startups. It is a place where technology meets design, sales, marketing, and investors altogether.”

Eyeware develops technology for understanding human attention in 3D environments with direct applications in multiple industries, including gaming, robotics, research, advertising, and more.

We can accurately detect where a person is looking at, and use this information for analyzing attention to objects, generating dynamic content, or controlling interfaces with eye-gaze. The technology is unique and patent-pending, and it opens new markets where Eyeware can position itself as a leading innovator. We are licensing the technology for integration into consumer products, and we open for pilot projects with partners that are interested to evaluate potential use cases.

Our vision?

To enable machines to interact with us in a more natural and intuitive way. With our core technology, we can enable everyday devices, such as phones, computers, and cars, to understand our attention, engagement, and interest.

Eyeware team members

Retail eye tracking

Orbbec and Eyeware partner to enable 3D eye tracking with consumer cameras

  • April 9th, 2020 - Orbbec, the worldwide developer and supplier of 3D cameras and motion sensing technology, and Eyeware, the Swiss-based eye tracking technology company on a mission to bring attention sensing solutions to multiple industries, partner up to enable industries like retail, simulators and academic research with eye tracking for consumer depth sensing cameras.

By combining Orbbec’s line of advanced 3D cameras and Eyeware’s robust eye tracking technology, the partnership’s core mission is to pioneer eye tracking software coupled with powerful hardware.

Retail eye tracking

Shopper insights will be simplified and made more affordable using consumer grade sensors and eye tracking data. The Astra Embedded S is an optimal choice for use on the shelf or in kiosk setups that require compactness. The retail industry can now collect continuous GDPR-compliant, anonymous data from thousands of people, without the need for calibration and eliminate the necessity of any head mounted gear. Gaze paths, time to purchase and number of views for a specific AOI (area of interest) are some of the insights gained.

Specific industries like retail, academic research and training simulators, are now accessible for eye tracking insights to everyone, everywhere through consumer 3D cameras.” Click To Tweet

“Eyeware provides a premium technological eye tracking know-how to allow for more use-cases and solutions of understanding people and machines. Specific industries like retail, academic research and training simulators, are now accessible for eye tracking insights to everyone, everywhere through consumer 3D cameras.” said Agnes Zheng, Director of Sales, Orbbec.

The use of affordable hardware is enabling eye tracking for training simulators that have been restricted by expensive eye-tracking solutions so far. Training sessions are enhanced through eye tracking data for visual checks, shortening the length of training by offering feedback for critical trainee events, correct prioritisation by assigning data for looking at the right objects, at the right time and in the right order.

Academic research is empowered to progress in human-machine interaction, clinical research or human behaviour research. With no headgear or glasses and using low-profile Orbbec sensors, gaze-paths, time of fixation and how observers respond to a change are now measured in real time or for later analysis.

Use cases that previously haven’t been economically viable, are now unlocked using cost-effective, commercial depth sensors to track the human gaze in the open space. Click To Tweet

“Use cases that previously haven’t been economically viable, are now unlocked using cost-effective, commercial depth sensors to track the human gaze in the open space. We’ve partnered with Orbbec at CES 2020 to demonstrate 3D eye tracking with the Orbbec Astra Embedded S and we are happy to continue our journey together to empower new industries with eye tracking capabilities, enabling machines to see the world in 3D and allow more natural interactions.”, shared Bastjan Prenaj, CBDO and co-founder at Eyeware.

Melexis Eyeware collaborate for DMS

Eyeware and Melexis collaborate on 3D ToF sensor-based eye-tracking solutions for driver monitoring systems

3D Time-of-Flight sensor-based eye-tracking solutions for Driver Monitoring Systems - Melexis

Tessenderlo, Belgium, 17 March 2020 - Eyeware, the Swiss-based 3D eye-tracking technology company on a mission to bring attention-sensing solutions to multiple industries, and Melexis have joined forces to create an advanced driver monitoring system (DMS). The DMS leverages Eyeware’s attention-monitoring technology, which uses Melexis’ new MLX75027 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors with VGA resolution, to enable robust eye gaze and head tracking for in-cabin driver monitoring, even in sunlight.

The DMS leverages Eyeware’s attention-monitoring technology, which uses Melexis’ new MLX75027 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors with VGA resolution, to enable robust eye gaze and head tracking for in-cabin driver monitoring, even in sunlight.

As a pioneer in the field of eye-tracking, Eyeware uses 3D Time-of-Flight cameras to overcome the limitations of infrared-based tracking technology. The company has developed its algorithms using proprietary strategies that are based on data-driven machine learning approaches, making it applicable in systems using low power, cost-effective and compact sensors.

MLX75027 3D Time-of-Flight sensors with VGA resolution - Melexis“This collaboration demonstrates the robustness and wider range of head movement that can be achieved using ToF technology, compared with current driver monitoring systems,” said Gualtiero Bagnuoli, Product Marketing Manager, Melexis. “Melexis' MLX75027 3D Time-of-Flight sensor with VGA resolution, used in the demonstrator, employs a high modulation frequency (20-100MHz) to drive the IR illumination. Along with the patented pixel design, this means the sensor is almost completely unaffected by light, resulting in robust and reliable operation under changing conditions, such as sunset.”

The range data provided by the 3D Time-of-Flight sensor is used to further enhance the reliability of the head and gaze tracking capabilities of the system, enabling it to monitor a very wide range of head movement. The VGA 3D ToF sensor requires a minimal footprint, allowing it to be easily integrated into the rear-view mirror assembly.

“Although the resolution of the 3D Time-of-Flight sensor is lower than current driver monitoring system cameras, the DMS needs just one MLX75027 VGA 3D ToF sensor to track both driver and passenger,” explained Bagnuoli.

Eyeware - 3D eye-tracking technology companyKenneth Funes, CEO and co-founder, Eyeware, added: “We can localize eyes well, even under low resolution settings or under large head movements. Our technology also operates in a multiuser environment, to monitor car interiors with multiple passengers. This latest demonstrator shows our technology is very robust, coping well with changing lighting conditions. Eyeware is bringing these unique traits to the DMS market to make 3D eye tracking a reliable and competitive technology to be considered.”

Meet Eyeware at CES2020, in Las Vegas!

At CES2020, Eyeware will showcase their latest developments in terms of eye tracking capabilities for depth sensing cameras at the Swiss Pavilion in Eureka Park, booth number 53221.

This year we are going to present demos for the mobile, gaming, automotive and retail industries. 

For the mobile industry eye tracking increases security and privacy, enables natural interactions and grants faster access to functions of your smartphone or tablet. 

Eye tracking also allows to play the next generation of games and discover a more immersive experience. Gamers can even track their performances and learn how to improve.

The proposal for the automotive sector is to increase traffic safety by reducing human errors due to distracted driving, while enhancing virtual assistants to now understand the attention of the driver and passengers.

When used in retail applications, remote eye tracking helps identify which product groups are receiving attention in stores, tracking the gaze of shoppers anonymously. No headsets and no calibration required. 

Eyeware develops patent-pending eye tracking software that enables machines and devices to understand user attention, intention, and interest.

Our technology uses consumer depth sensing cameras as sensors (e.g. Intel Realsense, Microsoft Kinect, or Orbbec Astra) to estimate the eye-gaze direction. It works with stereoscopic, structured light and time-of-flight (ToF) cameras.

Visit us at CES 2020 and learn more about our 3D eye tracking for depth sensing cameras and experience the solutions we offer for the mobile, gaming, automotive and retail industries.


CES 2020
Las Vegas
January 7-10
Eureka Park
Swiss Pavilion
Booth number 53221

man on computer using Eyeware 3D eye-tracking software with multiple screens

Eyeware Raises CHF 1.9M to Bring 3D Eye Tracking to Consumer Devices

3D eye tracking startup Eyeware closes its first round of CHF 1.9M in venture funding. Expert in computer vision, Eyeware develops software that enables consumer devices, cars and robots with 3D cameras to sense and analyze the attention of users.

The Swiss deep tech startup Eyeware announced today the closing of its seed financing round of 1.9M CHF ($1.9M USD). Eyeware develops 3D eye tracking software for depth sensing enabled consumer devices. The seed round was led by High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF), in partnership with TRUMPF Venture GmbH, Swiss Startup Group, and Zurich Kantonalbank.

Eyeware is a spin-off of Idiap Research Institute and EPFL. Created in September 2016, Eyeware Tech SA has collaborated with multiple industrial partners to prototype and develop innovative eye tracking applications. One of the projects presented publicly is the BionicWorkplace: a concept for a futuristic factory workplace containing a collaborative robotic arm developed by the German corporate Festo and presented at the Hannover Messe 2018.

More recently, Eyeware technology was presented as part of an automotive solution during CES 2019. Eyeware software can use autograde time-of-flight cameras to estimate attention of drivers for in-cabin monitoring and infotainment systems. The proposed system can contribute to reducing the number of road accidents caused by drivers who lose attention at the wheel.

The capital will be used by the Eyeware team to bring the 3D eye tracking development kit ready for integration into consumer applications. Eyeware is also looking to expand its corporate partnerships in the US and China.

Speaking about the investment, Dr. Kenneth Funes, Founder & CEO of Eyeware said:

“Our vision is to enable communication with machines in a natural and intuitive way, just like you would with a friend standing in front of you. Eye tracking and attention sensing is a game changing technology for human-machine communication, as it will make interaction with our devices faster, more intuitive and more accessible.

“Eyeware technology is the result of intensive research, and we are confident to be opening the doors for exciting new opportunities in eye tracking applications for daily use. We have been extremely fortunate to receive the support of a well-connected and experienced group of investors that shares our vision and is committed to work with us to achieve it.”

Axel Nitsch, Investment Manager at HTGF, said about the investment in Eyeware:

“Eyeware’s revolutionary approach to enable attention understanding in industrial and consumer applications brings state-of-the-art technology to a next level. We have a strong belief that the extraordinary team around Kenneth will be able to change the landscape of human machine interaction. HTGF is very happy to be part of this journey.”

Dr. Dieter Kraft, Managing Director of TRUMPF Venture and Board member of Eyeware, also commented that:

“Attention sensing by eye tracking is the missing link in a multimodal human machine interaction. We are delighted to support the Eyeware team and help to bring the product to market.”

For more info, feel free to contact us at [email protected].



Eyeware is a Swiss computer vision startup developing 3D eye tracking software for consumer cameras with depth sensing. Eyeware launched in September 2016, as a spin-off from the Idiap Research Institute, with the mission to bring 3D eye tracking to consumer devices. In collaboration with industrial partners, Eyeware is bringing to market attention sensing applications in multiple industries, including robotics, automotive, healthcare, consumer devices, and retail.


High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven startups. With EUR 892.5 million in total investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge 500 startups since 2005. HTGF’s focus is on high-tech startups in a range of sectors, including software, hardware and life sciences / chemistry.




The high-tech company TRUMPF offers production solutions in the machine tool and laser sectors. With our corporate venture capital arm TRUMPF Venture, we are both a strategic partner and a venture capital investor for startups with an industrial focus. The TRUMPF group has about 13,400 employees in nearly all the countries of Europe, North and South America, and Asia and achieved sales of 3.6 billion euros in fiscal 2017/18.




The SWISS STARTUP GROUP is a privately financed Swiss venture platform to scout, analyze, accelerate and invest in the most promising early stage startups. Within the last years, SSUG has created a unique business execution platform where top early stage startups, venture investors, corporate partners, academic partners and mentors meet, exchange, accelerate and invest.




Zurich Kantonalbank (ZKB) is the biggest cantonal bank in Switzerland and one of the biggest Swiss banks, with total assets of CHF 164 billion and more than 5,000 employees.