Our Team

We are a team of amazing people from all over the world, committed to delivering on the huge potential of Eyeware and its 3D eye tracking technology with our energy, dedication, and creativity.


Founding Team

The founding team combines experts in machine perception and professionals with business and entrepreneurial profiles. We share the same vision to enable devices and machines to understand attention and interact naturally with 3D Eye Tracking.

Kenneth Funes CEO of Eyeware

Kenneth Funes

Serban Mogos COO of Eyeware

Serban Mogos

Bastjan Prenaj CBDO of Eyeware

Bastjan Prenaj

Jean-Marc Odobez scientific advisor of Eyeware

Jean-Marc Odobez

Scientific Adviser


The Eyeware team is grateful to be supported in its journey by top class high-tech investors.

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