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Now more than ever, customer experience is at the forefront of research, development, and business growth in the retail industry. In today’s highly competitive retail environment, you need to be able to step into your customer’s shoes and see your store through their eyes. We have developed the 3D eye tracking technology retail professionals need to gain authentic, unbiased, and actionable insights into their shoppers’ behavior at the point they make their buying decisions.

Better Retail Data Collection

Our software, GazeSense, provides a continuous flow of in-store customer tracking data by analyzing 3D gaze patterns. GazeSense surpasses the limitations of traditional eye tracking, allowing you to observe what your customers are naturally drawn to at the shelf. Determine their unconscious interests, learn their path to purchase, what they see and what they miss.

Use Cases

GazeSense will provide data to learn…


How your displays or promotions are performing


Whether your new product packaging is getting attention


How many of your shoppers turn into buyers


The difference between what buyers say they do and what they actually do


Whether shoppers are considering your products and then choosing a competitor


Where shoppers spend the most time choosing

User-friendly, Cost-effective,

Ready To Record In Minutes

We have designed GazeSense to be accessible to all retail professionals, whether you’re the innovation manager of a major retail chain or the owner of a brick and mortar store or product designer.

  • All you need is a commercial depth-sensing camera and you’re equipped to capture the eye movements of thousands of customers browsing your store.
  • In contrast to the majority of eye trackers available or standard 2D people tracking, our 3D gaze tracking solution doesn’t require any calibration.
  • Simply position your camera, connect it to a PC, map your retail environment in GazeSense, and stream live data as the 3D objects and surfaces receive attention from shoppers.

Shopper Analytics Use Cases


Attention Analysis for Intention Prediction

Through 3D retail eye tracking, you can generate heat maps or graphs that highlight the areas and objects of interest in your store across extended periods of time. Learn which brands and products your customers looked at first, how long they spent gazing at the items, and the order in which they viewed them. Based on the attention data, determine and measure purchase intention and have the data to support assumptions.


Non-intrusive Shopper Tracking Technology

Most current retail eye tracking solutions require a wearable eye tracker, such as glasses or headsets. Not GazeSense. Our remote eye tracking technology facilitates in-store customer tracking from a distance, recording the eye movements of shoppers up to 4.3 feet (1.3 meters) away from the 3D camera.


Real Shopper Tracker for Accurate Retail Store Analytics

You no longer need to resort to biased focus groups for eye tracking marketing research. Now, your retail data collection will track the gaze of real customers in their everyday shopping environment.


Anonymous Multi-person Eye Tracking in Retail Stores

Owing to the lack of glasses required, you are able to monitor the attention of multiple shoppers at the same time. No need for data protection concerns. Our data output from our 3D eye tracking technology is anonymous and GDPR-compliant.


Real-time In-store Customer Tracking

Gaze tracking lets you generate in-store analytics in real time. The attention of your shoppers are recorded and exported instantly as they observe the shelf.


Shelf Space Management

With 3D eye tracking technology in retail, you have better control over the key area for purchase decisions – the shelf. Visual attention data points to the most interesting products for shoppers so you can develop a strategic placement plan. In addition to product visibility and distribution, you will have an easier time dealing with the shelf replenishment process. You also gain new insights into the path to purchase by understanding your shoppers’ considerations and the time they invest in making a buying decision.


Product Packaging and Performance Evaluation

By using retail store analytics, you have access to specific data about individual products and brands. In turn, this helps you assess the impact of decisive visual elements, such as packaging designs. When introducing new packaging, you can use the same information to review its on-shelf performance.


In-store Advertising and Marketing Improvement

Use retail store analytics and attention insights to improve your marketing efforts. Retail eye tracking reveals the elements that caught your shopper’s attention when interacting with banners, PoS displays, and other in-store advertisements. Moreover, you can determine if certain promotions or ads were ignored altogether, as well as if they had a positive or negative impact on sales. Knowing how your shopper perceives your marketing messages, you can eliminate the guesswork, craft ads that are likelier to convert, and get a greater return on investment.

Team Up With Eyeware

At Eyeware, our aim is to facilitate natural human-machine interaction through 3D gaze tracking. Our mission includes helping retail professionals like you design a tailored, state-of-the-art, and unique shopping experience for every customer. With over 30 years of cumulative research in machine perception, our team is prepared to help you personalize and integrate GazeSense to gain a competitive edge, implement shopper insights, and connect with your customers.

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