At CES2020, Eyeware will showcase their latest developments in terms of eye tracking capabilities for depth sensing cameras at the Swiss Pavilion in Eureka Park, booth number 53221.

This year we are going to present demos for the mobilegaming, automotive, et retail industries. 

For the mobile industry, eye tracking increases security and privacy, enables natural interactions and grants faster access to functions of your smartphone or tablet. 

Eye tracking also allows one to play the next generation of games and discover a more immersive experience. Gamers can even track their performances and learn how to improve.

The proposal for the automobile sector is to increase traffic safety by reducing human errors due to distracted driving while enhancing virtual assistants to now understand the attention of the driver and passengers.

When used in retail applications, remote eye tracking helps identify which product groups are receiving attention in stores, tracking the gaze of shoppers anonymously. No headsets and no calibration are required. 

Eyeware develops patent-pending eye tracking software that enables machines and devices to understand user attention, intention, and interest.

Our technology uses consumer depth sensing cameras as sensors (e.g. Intel Realsense, Microsoft Kinect, or Orbbec Astra) to estimate the eye-gaze direction. It works with stereoscopic, structured light, and time-of-flight (ToF) cameras.

Visit us at CES 2020 and learn more about our 3D eye tracking for depth sensing cameras and experience the solutions we offer for the mobile, gaming, automotive and retail industries.

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CES 2020
Las Vegas
January 7-10
Eureka Park
Swiss Pavilion
Booth number 53221