General considerations:

● Some issues are external to GazeSense. Ensure that your sensor is correctly installed in your operating system, and that it operates properly with the software provided by the respective sensor maker (this software is also installed automatically with the GazeSense installer). Certain sensors require to be connected to a USB 3 port, which is always blue (i.e., these sensors will not work when connected to USB 2 connections of other colors). Always check that the USB plug is properly inserted.
● Bad user calibration will lead to a bad tracking experience.
● People with glasses or with heavily occluded irises might pose difficulties to the eye gaze estimator.
● Significant facial hair could disturb the face tracking.
● Inappropriate illumination could influence the tracking. We recommend testing the setup under controlled lighting conditions, to attain the best experience
● Please avoid using two 3D cameras pointing in the same direction. Their infrared light signals may interfere with each other. In the same sense: please make sure there is no other infrared emitter being used for the same demonstrator, such as a pupil center corneal reflection (PCCR) eye tracking device.


Quick solutions for issues that might arise:

Issue: when running the GazeSense installer, Windows Defender SmartScreen shows the following warning on the screen: “Windows protected your PC – Windows Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting”.
Solution: click on More info and then on Run anyway, in order to run the installer.
You may ignore the warning.

Issue: the installation of GazeSense in Windows fails with the following error message: “The specified account already exists”.
Solution: uninstall all existing versions of GazeSense in your Windows system, then run the installer again.

Issue: when executing GazeSense for the first time, upon inserting a valid license key, the program is not activated.
Solution: please check that there is no firewall/anti-virus/anti-malware in you company blocking GazeSense, or that there is no http proxy issues. To test for proxy issues, open in Internet Explorer: if successful, check that there are no firewall/anti-virus/anti-malware blocking GazeSense.

Issue: when executing GazeSense for the first time, the Windows firewall will ask for inbound access to GazeSense. If you consider using the GazeSense programmatic API,
Solution: please click on allow access to private networks as depicted below.

Issue: head tracking is not working properly.
Solution: cover the 3D camera briefly with your hand, to reset the tracking. The virtual coordinate system placed on the tip of your nose in 2D View should follow your head movements correctly.

Still need help?

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