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Our vision is to give all computers, devices and robots the ability to understand people based on machine vision.  Based on our novel and patent-pending eye-gaze tracking technology, complemented by head and face tracking technology, our mission is to offer high-quality and affordable solutions to assistive technologies, research and robotics problems, amongst others.

Our technology is based on state-of-the-art research that overcomes the limitations of current eye-gaze tracking technology. These are great reasons why our technology will revolutionize what it means to create eye-gaze tracking applications:


Assistive Technology

We offer a solution for hands-free computer control. Use your head and face movements to move the mouse pointer, to click, to scroll, configure, etc.

Social Behaviour Research

Use our software to code your studies on human-human interaction. This is an ideal solution for psychologist and sociologists, as well as other researchers aiming to understand the subtleties on human communication

Social Robotics

We apply our human-perception algorithms into robots, such that they can become more and more social, and therefore more and more helpful.

We launched our Assistive Technology solution in UK during Naidex 2016


Kenneth Funes
Co-fondateur & CEO

Kenneth received his Ph.D. in Computer Vision in 2015 from Idiap Research Institute and EPFL. He is the researcher behind the Eyeware technology and has published multiple papers in top journals and conferences.

Serban Mogos
Co-fondateur & CPO

Serban is PhD Candidate in Entrepreneurship Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. He has previous experience in Product Management in a high-growth startup. Serban has been actively involved in startup communities in Bucharest, Lisbon, and Pittsburgh.

Jean-Marc Odobez
Co-fondateur & Advisor

Jean-Marc Odobez is a senior researcher at EPFL and is leading the Perceptual and Activity Understanding team at the Idiap Reseach Institute. He has been working on computer vision and applied machine learning for 20 years for human behavior understanding.




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