Eyeware – Winnaar van de 100 Wolves pitching wedstrijd

Eyeware’s Co-founder & COO, Serban Mogos, had the chance to pitch at the 100 Wolves Pitching Contest June 2020 hosted by Wolves Summit and successfully won this edition! The main prize is the opportunity to pitch directly in front of AI Startup Incubator’s investment board committee, with a chance to get €50k funding.

Eyeware Is The Winner - Wolves Pitching Contest 2020

The Wolves Summit experience

In each edition, 100 startups are chosen to present their ideas, having the opportunity to increase the company’s reach, and even acquire new business partners, as well as valuable feedback and connections with investors. This startup contest is currently held online.

In their words: “Wolves Summit is not only a conference for startups. It is a place where technology meets design, sales, marketing, and investors altogether.”

Eyeware develops technology for understanding human attention in 3D environments with direct applications in multiple industries, including gaming, robotics, research, advertising, and more.

We can accurately detect where a person is looking at, and use this information for analyzing attention to objects, generating dynamic content, or controlling interfaces with eye-gaze. The technology is unique and patent-pending, and it opens new markets where Eyeware can position itself as a leading innovator. We are licensing the technology for integration into consumer products, and we open for pilot projects with partners that are interested to evaluate potential use cases.

Our vision?

To enable machines to interact with us in a more natural and intuitive way. With our core technology, we can enable everyday devices, such as phones, computers, and cars, to understand our attention, engagement, and interest.

Eyeware Team Members