SwissTech Pitchinar 2020에서 상위 3위 안에 Eyeware

20 top Swiss startups took the virtual stage in Asia!


Serban Mogos, our Co-founder & COO was invited to pitch at SwissTech Pitchinar 2020 in June, and Eyeware was selected among the four finalists.

SwissTech pitching competition spotlighted  20 Swiss deep tech startups and their ground-breaking tech in Advanced Instrument, AI, AR/VR, Biotech, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Energy, Fintech, HealthTech, IoT, Robotics, Software and VehicleTech with 90-second pitches.

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First place startup, we had MITHRAS TECHNOLOGY represented by Franco Membrini, followed by the finalists: EYEWARE, STOR-H TECHNOLOGIESSWISS TERAHERZ. The virtual event was moderated by Jordi Montserrat, Co-founder and Managing Director of Venturelab, an organization that supports top Swiss startups in their global expansion.

“Technologies and innovations are making a difference in improving and enhancing our lives, and countries like Switzerland are leading the way. Switzerland was recognized by the Consumer Technology Association as an Innovation Champion, which is our highest honor”, said Gary Shapiro.


Swisstech Pitchinar


SwissTech Pitchinar 2020 was organized by swissnex China in collaboration with SwissTech, CES ASIA and Venture Leaders, and in partnership with EPFL, ETH Zurich, Greater Zurich Area, Innovaud, Swisscom and Venturelab. The SwissTech Campaign partners are Presence Switzerland, Switzerland Global Enterprise, Innosuisse, digitalswitzerland and swissnex Network.