Say Goodbye to Clumsy IR Trackers in Gaming: Introducing AI-Powered Eye Tracking with Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition

Eyeware, the computer vision and AI startup, announces Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition, the pioneering AI tool revolutionizing gaming with more immersive gameplay, more revealing gameplay recordings, and enhanced live streams.

Leveraging over a decade of research, Eyeware, the Swiss eye tracking AI startup, is thrilled to introduce the Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition. This groundbreaking AI tool transforms your everyday webcam into a gaming eye tracker, approaching high-end IR hardware trackers, and offering an affordable alternative.

Experience Natural Immersion in Simulator Games like Never Before

Delve deeper into your beloved simulator games with Eyeware Beam, the first artificial intelligence tool to bring webcam eye tracking to the popular OpenTrack extension, offering enhanced immersion using both, your gaze as well as head tracking, in top titles such as Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator, Assetto Corsa, and over 200 other simulator and FPS games.

Webcam-Only Eye Tracking for Gaming

Eyeware Beam is the first software to facilitate eye tracking and head tracking in OpenTrack-supported games directly through your webcam. Try it instantly with new games without waiting times for any tracking hardware to ship. Check its fit for your setup with a free trial right away. While it does not offer exactly the same robustness as hardware eye trackers, it’s an excellent choice for many users due to its instant accessibility and affordability, adequately serving the needs of most gaming enthusiasts.

Enhance Your Gameplay Recordings and Streaming Experiences

Unlock critical gameplay insights with the eye tracking overlay feature of Eyeware Beam. Understand your focus patterns during decisive game moments to refine your strategies and enhance performance.

Further, Eyeware Beam elevates live streams on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, allowing streamers to share their real-time gaze with viewers, offering a customizable and personalized overlay to resonate with their unique style, enhancing the viewer experience through innovative eye tracker technology.

Ai-Powered Webcam Eye Tracking For Gaming With The Eyeware Beam Webcam Edition

Join the Eyeware Beam Revolution

Twitch streamer nightmare_se shares, “Eyeware Beam is greatly opening up the market for head and eye tracking for gaming enthusiasts, live streamers, and content creators. As the majority of them already own webcams.”

Furthermore, for those without a webcam, various apps can easily turn your phone into a webcam, ensuring everyone can experience the innovations brought by Eyeware Beam.

Step into the Future of Gaming with Eyeware Beam

Starting your immersive gaming experience is simple and hassle-free. Begin with a free trial available on the Eyeware Beam product page, giving you a firsthand experience of all that Eyeware Beam has to offer. Following the trial, opt for lifetime access to continue your journey uninterrupted, or choose from our flexible subscription packages designed to meet your individual needs.

To learn more or to kickstart your immersive gaming journey, reach out at 联系人 or join the Eyeware Beam Discord server. Engage with the revolution Eyeware Beam is bringing to the gaming world with its AI-powered webcam eye tracker today.


Eyeware continues to showcase the expansive possibilities of artificial intelligence in gaming, with a proven track record of successful collaborations with industry giants, including the development of the AMD Privacy View app. PC OEMs intrigued by the potential of incorporating pre-loaded app solutions are encouraged to reach out, as Eyeware paves the way for the next frontier in immersive gaming experiences.

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