What Is Eye Tracking

Understanding Eye Tracking & How it Can Work for You: Definitions, Metrics, and Applications

Eye tracking is a crucial technology to help us understand human behavior and the underlying thinking processes. Its applications are limitless, both in research and commercial use. Overall, eye and…

Eye Tracking Software Driving

Automotive-Grade Eye Tracking With ‘Cube Eye' 3D Based ToF cameras

The head and eye tracking industry has oscillated between hardware-based solutions that are too expensive and unreliable integrated webcam-based solutions. This double-edged sword also applies to the…



In the crowded environment that retail has become, staying ahead of competitors and knowing what works (and what doesn’t!) requires many research instruments and new ways of looking at data. One…

Eye Tracking Use Cases

Top 7 3D Eye Tracking Use Cases & Applications



如何利用 3D 眼動追踪技術和數據將您的貨架和銷售策略提升到新的水平

Shelf and merchandising strategies are quite old trades in retailers and product/brand managers' marketing mix. Tactics like building solid relationships with KAs (product/brand/store key accounts),…

Use Case Atc

如何使用 3D 眼動追踪優化 ATC(空中交通管制)訓練模擬器

Air traffic controllers bear considerable responsibility for the safety and fluidity of air traffic.  Dealing with the amount of information their role requires can massively challenge memory and…



Buyer behavior is at the root of many informed business decisions – and it's becoming harder and harder to understand why people buy and what is behind every purchasing decision. If you're one of the…

Human Looking Robot Playing The Piano

新的 GazeSense™ ROS 插件可用

機器人研究人員和開發人員現在可以依靠 GazeSense™ 橋來測量對 ROS 中物體的注意力 GazeSense 是一個應用程序,通過……提供 3D 眼動追踪。

Ces Cov P

Eyeware Beam:將你的 iPhone 變成眼動儀和頭部追踪器的應用程序在 CES 2021 上亮相

該應用程序背後的專有技術允許遊戲玩家和流媒體與他們的觀眾建立更深層次的聯繫,並通過使用他們的 iPhone 體驗更身臨其境的遊戲環境……