Eyeware en Melexis vervolgen hun reis

Eyeware and Melexis have joined forces to create an advanced driver monitoring system (DMS). The DMS leverages Eyeware’s attention-monitoring technology, which uses Melexis’ 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors with VGA resolution, to enable robust eye gaze and head tracking for in-cabin driver monitoring. 

This collaboration aimed to demonstrate the robustness range of head movement that can be achieved using Time-of-Flight technology, compared with current driver monitoring systems.

Eyeware team conducted the preliminary driver monitoring study using a ToF camera and tested the following use cases:

  • Head pose – where the performance algorithms detected 95% accuracy;
  • Eye gaze – with 84% accuracy detected;
  • Eyes off the road – detected 95% of events with a 90% precision;
  • Eyes open/closed – with 96% accuracy detected;

During the online presentation at Autosens 2020, regional marketing manager for time-of-flight solutions at Melexis, Cliff De Locht, spoke about the evolutions in time-of-flight (ToF) technology.

Watch the full presentation here.