Using Retail Scenario, you have the possibility to extract gaze tracking data, which can be used to analyze results. They include, but are not limited to: areas of interest, fixations, attention maps, scanpaths.

To run it, simply:

  • 1. Define area you are going to record tracking data on
    •  a. Take a photo of the are of interest
    •  b. Measure width and height
    •  c. Decide where you would place the camera and note in on the scheme
  • 2. Launch GazeSense. In Mode, select Retail Scenario and upload your photo. Introduce the measurements required. Once you’ve input the values, exit Mode and follow the next step.
  • 3. Before Connecting, enable API Log Export
  • 4. Begin streaming data for the defined area of interest
  • 5. Recorded data can be found in the folder: C:\Users\User\.Eyeware\GazeSense\DataRetail – you can use the generated data to understand the buying cycle of the products on your shelves.


  • What if it crashes?
  • No worries! We have an auto-restart feature ready to assist you with all your needs! All your sessions are recorded and will be found in the DataRetail folder.
  • Refer to Additional section for more information for this feature.