The Popularity and Power of Eye Tracking Technology

Why Eye-Tracking Technology And Our Mission

Eye tracking technology is becoming ever more popular and commonplace. Eye tracking and the corresponding software can be used to establish someoneís identity through biometrics or they can have a more altruistic purpose such as serving as assistive technology.

The beauty of eye software is in its practical use and application of intelligent design. Eye tracking software can be installed in many locations. A few popular choices are mobile and common technological devices, robots, and computers.

Eye tracking software can be installed onto many devices, including the Mac OS platform. Due to the recent surge in development, the eye tracking software is becoming more abundant and affordable for individuals and organizations.

By installing such software that enables eye tracking, a new level of interaction is reached. The advancement of such technology unlocks many possibilities for discovery and intercommunication between man and machine.

One major disadvantage of extremely advanced and powerful technology is the implicated costs. However, efforts are constantly being made to lower these costs. Another possibility for making eye tracking software more affordable includes enticing and urging insurance companies to cooperate.

But, a tremendous advantage of eye-tracking software and technology includes the ability to customize it and make it unbelievably useful in its assistance to you. Eye tracking technology can be made customizable when configuring to your device.

Configuration is the portion of the setting-up process where the technology becomes tailored to the individualís needs and abilities, in order to ensure proper use and functioning.

Particular movements, eye gestures, and facial expressions are registered within the software. The physical expression is programmed and installed to correspond to a particular function or command on the technology. The device will respond to the saved and newly configured cues as executed by the individual.

Eyeware Assist is compatible with the three most common computer platforms: Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. The technology requires the integration of a 3D camera into the computer system. Popular 3D cameras are: Intel Realsense, Microsoft Kinect, and†Orbbec.

It is just a matter of time until insurance companies acknowledge this and begin to augment their policies. The power and possibility for eye tracking software to serve for assisting disabled persons is undeniable.