Understanding Eyetracker Technology and Its Applications

The What, How And Why Of Our Devices For People With Disabilities

Disabled people frequently invest in devices and assistive technology to facilitate their day to day activities. Such technologies lift a burden from their shoulders and make life more bearable. Hence, it is for this reason that we here at Eyewear are constantly pursuing technological excellence that will further the development of †technology and devices for impaired people.

Disability devices are becoming more powerful and useful in assisting people with physical disabilities because of the overall progress in technology that humanity is making. Though there are many technologies available, each has its advantages of disadvantages.

Thus, the progress of technologies to help disabled people is necessary to assure that constant development and evolution is occurring, providing the best possible product and solution. Eyewear values progress, innovation, and development.

Essentially, assistive technology is a broad term for all of the devices (whether they are rehabilitative, adaptive, or assistive) that aid people with disabilities in accomplishing certain tasks. We focus on machine vision as the primary solution to many disability problems.

Machine vision is a powerful development in technology that can have many applications and purposes. Our technology is novel and patent-pending, designed with the aim of making a significant difference in the community. Eyewear is dedicated to furthering eye-gaze tracking technologies and finding practical applications for our innovations.

Of course, one practical purpose of eye-gazing technology can be geared towards assisting people with disabilities by means of the machine vision mechanism.

Our assistive technology can assist disabled people to use their computer with more ease. Machine vision that is programmed to be sensitive to you will enable you to use and control your computer hands-free.

Applying eye-gaze tracking technology to the computer makes the interaction more pleasant, independent, and easy because it will take less energy to execute the commands on the computer.

Furthermore, we also make our eye-gaze tracking technology available to researchers and scientists for use. Our software can be applied to understanding human communication, coding the participantsí interactions and behavioral subtleties.

Social robotics is another fantastic field and opportunity for putting our eye-gaze tracking technology to good use. By incorporating eye-gaze tracking technology into robots, algorithms can make them more practical and welcomed by increasing their understanding of human features and motions.

Eye-gaze technology is useful for many fields, including robotics and social sciences. Eye-gaze technology can be seen as an assistive technology, the perfect device for people with disabilities, that substitutes problems presented by disabilities with the chance of becoming more autonomous.