Our Story, Eyeware and The Future of Assistive Technology

Our Vision Of How The Assistive Technology Future Looks Like

The creators of Eyeware, Carlos Becker and Kenneth Funes had a vision. They wanted to help people with reduced mobility navigate computers without having to use their arms.

It is working towards this goal that they enrolled in the “Arkathon Hacking Health Valais” in June 2015. After working for over 40 hours alongside around 40 participants, the team won first prize. It is at this moment that Eyeware technology’s journey really started.

One of the most redeeming features placing first in the “Arkathon” for Eyeware was the chance to work with professionals with different areas of expertise necessary to ensure its development. “You gain access to all of the numerical medical aids universe. Which enables you to go straight to the point, to talk to the right people. The time to market frame is consequently significantly reduced.” says Sebastian Mabillard, project coordinator at the Ark foundation.

Eyeware technology’s potential has since then been recognised by a number of professionals in the field of medical aids and went on to place first in the “International Create Challenge”, the “Prix Liechti” and the “Hacking Health Camp” in Strasbourg. Eyeware was also amongst the startups succeeding in the first round of “Venture Kick” and is currently in preparation for the next stage.

Eyeware uses off-the-shelf, affordable 3D cameras or Kinect, to interpret movements of the head and eyes and even facial expressions. The semi-automatic calibration of the device means that it will adapt quickly to each user, offering sensitivity controls and maximum flexibility. Allowing the user to go much further than anyone could with a voice recognition software and to effectively and intuitively navigate a computer.

Furthermore, the team is currently working with insurance providers towards ensuring that users of the technology can be reimbursed. This is exciting news as it means that the software will be available at an affordable price from the start of its distribution!

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