How Eyeware is at the Forefront of Assistive Technology in the Unided Kingdom

Eyeware Launches its Technology for People with Disabilities in the UK

Technologies for the disabled are becoming more popular and pervasive in the UK as a result of the overall progress of technology in the past decade.

Tools to assist impaired people has been making the news consistently and the world remains amazed with each upcoming advance and technological breakthrough.

Eye-gaze tracking technology is at the forefront of the news, leading the innovation of computer software for the disabled.

Eyeware offers a technology that is innovative in form, helping people with disabilities to use their computer with greater ease.

Our product uses machine vision as a way to control the computer. Instead of using the computer mouse, you can use particular facial expressions and head movements to command your computer to do a particular task.

Instead of depending on your hands, you can use your face and head to give particular demands, such as: configure, click, scroll, point the mouse, etc.

In addition to being a great product in itself offering maximum control and autonomy, our product is affordable. We are currently working with insurance providers to make our product, Eyeware Assist, completely reimbursable. Furthermore, you will receive new features and updates on new available gestures.

Eyeware is designed to combine computer vision technology with the need to help those who face challenges and problems because of their disabilities. By integrating computer vision technology with your desktop, communication will be easier.

Limited ability will no longer be a hindrance to you or a hassle to others. Instead, this technology will overcome the problem by using head movements and facial expressions to execute certain functions. To make it even better our technology can increase impaired people’s productivity, flexibility, and autonomy with regards to the computer.

An example of a head movement that translates into a computer action is the head tilt. By tilting your head, you will be scrolling a web page. To click the computer mouse, you use your cheeks. Just like a computer mouse has a left and right side, you can configure the motion of inflating your cheeks as the movement that controls mouse clicks.

Eyeware Assistant is an affordable and practical solution to a pressing problem that affects many of the people with disabilities and their families. Our eye-gaze tracking technology serves as a sort of special needs computer mouse, simultaneously making your interaction with the computer become more autonomous.

PS: If you are curious about how assistive technology is changing people’s lives, check this video out and tell us what you think: